Øystein Sandve


Professionell knivslibning siden 2020

I am a high school teacher from Norway with a passion for knife sharpening, woodworking and upcycling. I sell restored second-hand kitchen knives, combining all of my aforementioned interests.

I have been sharpening knives professionally since 2020, providing Japanese whetstone sharpening for private cooks and restaurants. Between 2020 and 2022, I worked as the in-house knife sharpener for a major kitchenware store in Bergen.

After several hundred sharpened and repaired knives, I felt experienced enough teaching knife sharpening to others. I’ve held 12 knife entry-level sharpening courses, and I will continue to do so. Available dates will be updated on the website and through Facebook and Instagram.

I am a self-taught guy. I believe that is the best method of learning something you’re really passionate about. Everything from the handles, sayas, and the website is made by me.

Green focus

Buying new things is often unnecessary, when there are so many quality products to be found second-hand. That’s why I have decided to focus on restoring and upcycling used knives.

I try to combine sustainability in my craft. Therefore, I am mostly using reclaimed woods from old furniture or scrap lumber. Sometimes I will supplement with exotic or stabilized pieces, when making handles.

The reclaimed woods I work with are oak, walnut, sapele mahogany, and teak. A lot of the reclaimed material comes from Norway, including new materials, such as oak, bog oak, elm and birch. Beech and oak from Denmark are often used to make saya.

The knives I am selling are used or old, then restored and upcycled, giving them a new life—in your home or a professional kitchen.

Øystein Sandve

Guldborgvej 15 st. tv.

2000 Frederiksberg

+45 93884992

CVR 442 38 136

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