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Second-hand Global G-2 kitchen knife

Second-hand Global G-2 chef’s knife for sale. The knife is repolished and resharpened using a series of Japanese whetstones, with a 3000 grit finish, making this knife sharper than it was brand new.
The Global knife series was one of the first knives with the unique steel handle. The Global is produced by Yoshikin, a Japanese knife company. In the 80’s, the knife was groundbreaking, especially in the Western world, due to its hybrid design and hard stainless steel. Today, it remains unique enough to stand out. It is also a popular knife in Japanese homes.

Maker: Yoshikin

Blade length: 195 mm

Blade height: 44 mm

Blade thickness: 1,8 mm

Weight: 168 g

HRC: 57

Edge steel: CROMOVA

Construction: Monosteel

Edge: 50/50

Handle style: Hybrid handle

Handle: Stainless steel


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